Producing As A Life-Long Journey

Producing can definitely be a life-long endeavor, and the suggestions in this book will help you transform from occasional producing into a daily, regular habit. And while you don’t have to produce every day, you do want to begin setting goals each week. By continually practicing your musical abilities, you can make a habit out of producing much like you [...]

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Are You Good Enough?

Many artists have experienced a feeling of inferiority before. You know the feeling. You hear an amazingly well produced track and you think to yourself you’ll never be able [...]

One At A Time

What I’m about to explain is a great philosophy for all areas of your life, but it happens to be especially relevant to musical and artistic endeavors. The concept of one at [...]

I can’t get that sound

Have you ever had a crazy idea in your head that you just had to try in your music? Or a sound that you think would make for an awesome riff in your next track? But then when [...]

Give it 100%

As previously stated, unless you’re a rare gem, you’re going to suck at the beginning. Probably you’ll suck for a while after that too. This is good though, as it [...]

Set Effective Goals

If you’re unsure of what habits to begin building, you should think about setting some goals.   Similar to tracking your time and attempting to hit a specific number of [...]

Build That Habit

If you ask anybody who is amazing at what they do how long they’ve been doing that thing, chances are they’ll tell you they’ve been at it for many years. Body builders [...]

Track Your Producing

In order to stay productive, you can make use of time-tracking and productivity apps. Though they’re typically used for business-related activities, they can be very useful [...]

The ‘Blank Slate’

For some producers, creating with a blank slate is the ideal. It’s a mindset where there is no persuasion, no assumptions, no expectations, and no pre-determined paths. [...]

Reducing Expectations

Unrealistic expectations will get you into trouble. Believe me, I speak from experience. Expectations can persuade you that you are never achieving enough. They will make you [...]

Dr Drum – Your First Beat Software?

If you’re just getting started out making beats you’ll want to choose the right software for your situation. You need to find a piece of software that meets all your [...]